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13 hidden patios, backyards and gardens for outdoor dining in NYC

Find an oasis from the city’s busy streets as you eat and drink in peace.
There’s never been a better time to dine outdoors in New York. The city has designated more than 20 of its Open Streets for dining on weekends (these are the 9 best streets, in our humble opinion), and more restaurants are going al fresco as indoor dining is on hold.
While many New Yorkers surely miss eating and drinking at their favorite restaurants and bars, let’s face it: we’re romanticizing outdoor dining at times. When you’re seated on the city’s sidewalks and streets, there’s a lot more going on than the gazpacho or gin and tonic you just ordered. Cars are honking and zipping by within inches of your wobbly table. The subway rumbles every time it passes underground. And yes, there are rumors that our city’s rats are hungrier than ever.
But these restaurants and bars have patios, backyards and gardens—many you would never know about—to make your outdoor dining experience a bit more serene.
Hortus NYC
Hortus NYC’s outdoor garden is hidden on the second floor. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of Manhattan with buildings surrounding you, but there are plenty of plants and lights to set the mood as you dig into the modern Asian menu.
By Bao Ong