• 5 star review  Hortus hears a hoot. This place is innovative beyond belief and executes with 105% accuracy. You will be amazed by all their choices, a cuisine that combines Korean and New American fine dining

    thumb James Liao

    5 star review  My family and I stopped in for an early dinner at around 6, and we absolutely enjoyed it! We practically ordered the whole menu (we didn’t get two appetizers and two entrees). Each order was fantastic, surprisingly our favorite item was the cucumber salad side, which of course I didn’t get a photo off. I definitely recommend the donabes, both were delicious!! Also the sea urchin appetizer was amazing!

    thumb Emily Tagaris

    5 star review  The waitress, Heidi, was amazing! She took ownership of our need. She made amazing recommendations based on our preferences. She made us feel at home. The chefs care about the food they present. The entire experience was amazing! We can not wait to go back!

    thumb Patricia Ruffin

    5 star review  Phenomenal food! Couples get the best value ordering the Hortus Tasting menu ($65 per person), which includes a small version of the seafood royal platter. The crunch octopus & the king crab noodles are local favorites. They've earned their Michelin.

    thumb James Burrell II
  • 4 star review  Food was absolutely outstanding. Really loved the vibe and interior. Spent $300 on this place for my birthday with a group of friends, but didn't get a cake. Saw someone else's table with a cake and was a little sad. Seafood and all the meat dishes were great. Servers were good. The royal platter was delicious. I enjoyed the crispy octopus. The truffle donabe was heavenly.

    thumb Vyvyan Doan

    5 star review  I had such an incredible meal here. All the flavors were so rich and fresh. The octopus and fluke were my favorite hands down. The decor is beautiful and great for a group but also intimate enough for a date. Drinks were strong and the service was very smooth. Such a gem , I will be back.

    thumb Anastasiya Zolotova

    5 star review  Nice decor, great tasting food and friendly staffs! I’ve been a fan of Hortus NYC since their opening. It’s our family dining spot when we’re near k-town in NYC 👍

    thumb Philip Park

    5 star review  Everything was delicious! The soup, entree, dessert and drink I ordered were all unique and so tasty. Only issue was that music was a little too loud and speakers weren’t syncing during dining experience but otherwise a lovely meal.

    thumb Raquel Jones
  • 4 star review  Food was very flavorful. Loved the snow crab noodles and the carrot soup was yum too. I think I was just too full from a week of non-stop eating to truly appreciate the flavors of the food.

    thumb Gina Chen

    5 star review  The Michelin star was well deserved! Not only the food was amazing but the waiter was super nice as well. I order the king crab noodle and truffle donabe it was so delicious! My friend order the crispy octopus I wish I got that as well it was so tender in the inside and crispy in the outside. Most places make the octopus super chewy but you can tell this place massage the octopus before cooking it. This place is so worth it.

    thumb Yang Ou

    5 star review  This Korean fusion place is on point! Everything from the raw platter, to crab noodle appetizer, to braised rib risotto was absolutely delicious. Their soju cocktails were fabulous, as well!

    thumb Sara Rehart

    5 star review  I saw a bad review at Yelp and Google. I don’t think the restaurant deserves this kind of review after struggling with the PANDEMIC. I came here plenty of times already with my family, a big group of friends and with my boyfriend. Before and during the pandemic. If you’re writing a bad review at least use your real name and put a picture of yourself before you sabotage people’s businesses. I came to HORTUS a month ago and the outdoor dining was nice, the the the service was amazing and the food was delicious and super affordable. They have ventilation and the door was open. I think it's very selfish of people to write a bad review on restaurants right now especially they're trying their best to keep the business going for their employees. Reviews are very important to restaurants especially now. Spread love not to hate ❤️💕 and If you didn't like the place at the first place you have the rights to walk away if you feel uncomfortable.

    thumb christlyn cerezo
  • 5 star review  Absolutely superb! Service was friendly and sufficient. Staff was very knowledgeable. The food was absolutely divine and the wine pairings elevated each course. Hortus is the perfect place for a intimate date night or celebration!

    thumb Jay N.

    5 star review  Excellent food, with a beautiful seating area. The fried octopus and the king crab noodle were fantastic! A great place for a date or nice dinner out

    thumb Alex Killips

    5 star review  Great Service, great food! I've been here post pandemic as well as during when only outdoor dining was permitted. Excellent service! Their patio is decorated beautifully. Menu is kinda small but they change it around. I wish the steaks come out more hot(temperature wise). Great date spot too!

    thumb Bella B

    5 star review  I went here randomly with 2 of my friends and it was amazing. So cozy and intimate and the food was immaculate. Omg. It was so good we had 2 rounds of everything we orders. The oysters 🦪 was sooooo fresh. I would definitely recommend this place. No doubt about it.

    thumb Crissie J
  • 5 star review  Great vibe and great food. The $30 lunch two course prefix is absolute deal breaker.

    thumb ZeQian Lin

    5 star review  They have a wonderful outdoor space in the back, away from the street. At the time they weren't doing indoor dining due to covid but I'm not sure what their policy is now. We got the two course prix fixe with king crab noodle the ribeye.

    thumb Anthony Queen

    5 star review  Hortus is the kind of place where, it’s so impressive, that you want to book your next reservation before leaving. It is the epitome of excellent service and even better food. The highlights for us were the shrimp toast - how do they fry it so lightly to get the crunchy texture paired with the spicy dipping sauce THAT I COULD BATHE IN - and the beef which was seared and marinated to perfection. The combination of flavor profiles and elegant decor is truly an art form. Even the plates were stunning. I hold Mr. Jang’s venture in high regards, and look forward to my return here and not to mention his many other successful restaurants!

    thumb Julie Kim

    5 star review  Wow. This is a hidden gem in NYC. I live in midtown and don’t cook, so have tried many restaurants in the city, from Michelin Starred to hole in the wall. Not only is the decor adorable here (outdoor patio decorated like a secret garden!) but the food is fantastic. The flavors are unique- it’s mostly American surf/turf type of food with a trendy Asian flavor. I don’t usually write reviews but this place stood out! Very reasonable prices too for this level of food. Will be back.

    thumb Alice Y


  •   Amazing place, loved the food and drinks. They didn't have an liquor license but the sake was great. Loved ever single dish, especially the crab noodle, the steak truffle rice... read more

    thumb tasha w.

      I really enjoyed our meal at Hortus! 🙂

    My husband was able to secure a reservation for 6:30pm on a Wednesday night. He's been in charge of choosing restaurants lately, and... read more

    thumb Kieun L.

      Didn't end up eating here because - despite their claims to the contrary- THERE IS NO OUTDOOR SPACE! We had a reservation and specifically booked our doors because of Delta.... read more

    thumb Alexa S.

      Service level exceeded expectations by a lot.  I wasn't expecting much based on the relatively low pricing on the menu but the tasting menu + wine pairing seriously blew my... read more

    thumb Dora Y.
  •   This restaurant is joking me. I ordered salmon bento box through ubereats for lunch, because all their pictures look nice and yelp has 4.5 starts. But this is what I... read more

    thumb Shu L.

      TLDR: Overall quite a disappointing meal. Creative menu but lack execution. Flavors do not really complement each other and do not make sense. They ran out of their most well-known... read more

    thumb Agnes H.

      I came here during restaurant week for lunch. We were seated immediately upstairs. They have sort of a rooftop with lots of plants on it. I did not realize this... read more

    thumb Rits M.

      I keep coming back here!!! Absolutely love their food, love their ambience, and love their friendly service! Everything on the menu hits the spot different. I personally favor their truffle... read more

    thumb Linan C.
  •   I came here for a friend's birthday dinner and had such a great tasting experience! We arrived pretty late bc of the rain but they were still happy to seat... read more

    thumb Carol L.

      We went to Hortus for late lunch on Saturday during the restaurant week. We dined at the terrace on the second floor, and it was a nice setup.

    We had... read more

    thumb Elena W.

      The food was incredible, 10/10 and I can't wait to eat there again. The only issue was that we went to celebrate our anniversary and we were sat in a... read more

    thumb Rachel F.

      Got the PrixFixe Menu (appetizer + meal) that was $45/person. We got the king crab noodles and crispy octopus for appetizers, and the Truffle Donabe + Hanger Steak and Spicy... read more

    thumb C J.
  •   Delicious delicious meal with great service and nice ambiance (was here for a team dinner but wow so many couples/pairs here and I can see why!!)

    We shared and tried a... read more

    thumb Eileen D.

      Loved everything about our dining experience - the decor, atmosphere and, of course, the food. Bonus: There was a live jazz band, which wasn't too loud for conversation. We all... read more

    thumb Sue N.

      An amazing experience all around! Sharp looking upstairs dining room with forest green walls and cool pendant lighting that is really relaxing is only the beginning of the great dining... read more

    thumb Anne R.

      Fabulous - the PrixFixe Menu was a great value: Seafood appetizer: Lobster, Kumamoto oysters, Fluke crudo, Shrimp cocktail with some delicious dipping sauces.

    -The Sea Urchin with Lobster tempura, yuzu... read more

    thumb Alex C.
  •   my friends and i came to eat here, excited to dine at a michelin restaurant. we all had the two course prix fixe which comes with an appetizer and main... read more

    thumb Minna C.

      Went there for lunch and was really disappointed with the restaurant, the appetizers were okay, the mains were way below expectation. We waited for a long time after our appetizers... read more

    thumb Qi C.

      I first came here in the summer of 2019 to celebrate my birthday (they have a private alcove on the first floor), and been here a few times since. It's... read more

    thumb C W.

      I went there couple months ago, had a prixe fixe lunch before my hair stylist appointment. I read so many good reviews about this restaurant  before so it was on... read more

    thumb Cecilia W.