• review rating 5  Still great. They have adjusted their menu for covid, simpler food but still very good. Patio in the back you can eat at now that they have allowed outdoor dining!

    thumb David Baker

    review rating 5  Really fantastic place! The food was amazing and the wine pairing was even better than what I expected. The service was also high-level. Will definitely come back again with my friends in the future.

    thumb Yuxuan Chen

    review rating 5  Caught up with an old friend at Hortus for dinner and quite a few drinks. Crowd was lively (acoustics were good - we could easily talk), drinks were great and food was fantastic. I particularly was taken with the tofu (and I'm not a tofu lover) & tartare appetizers - the whole fish was incredible as well. Actually, everything was delicious - sadly, I didn't snap a single photo!

    thumb Manny Kivowitz

    review rating 5  Beautiful restaurant and delicious and carefully prepared food. Along with very attentive service make this a great place for lunch or dinner. I'm surprised more people don't know about Hortus. Highly recommended.

    thumb Ken Kesslin
  • review rating 5  From the distinguished cuisine to the detailed, well-thought out interior deco of the restaurant (wallpaper, light fixtures, upholstery of the chairs, bathroom door, etc), it was a new experience at another level; impressed by how much the owner gave his passion and love into every details of the restaurant. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Catherine M. Park

    review rating 5  Great place. The decor is relaxing and the place smells great. Was warmly greeted, served some delicious orange tea. The services were fantastic. It had been a while and my feet and holiday preparations had taken their toll. My fingers were in tip top shape when I left. Can’t want to go back.

    thumb Lady L

    review rating 5  From the distinguished cuisine to the detailed, well-thought out interior deco of the restaurant (wallpaper, light fixtures, upholstery of the chairs, bathroom door, etc), it was a new experience at another level; impressed by how much the owner gave his passion and love into every details of the restaurant. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Catherine M. Park

    review rating 5  Food was exceptionally good and creative. Staff were courteous and nice. Vibe is great but still feels casual, would say of a more upscale casual ambience. I enjoyed my experience here

    thumb Edwin Ho
  • review rating 5  Had planned a birthday dinner for a friend here with a bunch of girlfriends and it was perfect for the occasion - menu was very sharable, food came out prompt and delicious, beautiful ambience! The servers were nice and knowledgeable about the menu including drinks - We all enjoyed the food and wine that was recommended to us. I personally liked their seafood sharable dish, steak, sea urchin noodle, shrimp toast and pewi potato. Can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes too because we had such a great experience here! Two thumbs up 👍👍

    thumb Jungin Kwon

    review rating 5  Hortus wins in service and food quality. Service: Loved the fact they prepared a special dessert on the house for a friends going away party as mentioned in the note left on the reservation. I made reservations and everyone got seated before our scheduled time. Wait time is low. Food: I had the best eggplant and mushroom rice during my time in NYC. The price for the quality is on point. Far better than Jeju noodle bar (which is more expensive and food quality falls behind Hortus) I will go to this place again and again.

    thumb Joori Kim

    review rating 4  I went to Hortus with my girlfriends for a ladies night out. The place is nicely decorated. It gives us a cozy feeling. Unlike other restaurants in NYC, this place doesn't pack the tables very close to each other. The menu is full of interesting dishes. We four ordered a pre-fixe for 2, plus one more entree to share. Our server was nice and make sure we have enough to share. The food is delicious and creative. We were a little disappointed that the king crab appetizer is like a salad but that's fine. We really enjoy our meal and time to chat at Hortus. I would like to go again.

    thumb Chelsia Tam

    review rating 4  Wonderful owners and staff with amazing food! Every small detail was carefully executed. They offer exciting flavors with such a flair. You really can't go wrong on ordering. Everything was so good! I feel lucky to have been a guest.

    thumb Hisana Kuchiki
  • review rating 5  A trendy and stylish Asian (primarily East) eatery with an eye-pleasing decoration and great wheelchair accessibility. The foods are excellent at showing a balanced mixture of authenticity and experimentality. Like the place and their foods, the staff was unpretentious but professional. The only thing I found here to be improved is their bar chair--which is somewhat uncomfortable for dining.

    thumb Kyuwon Lee

    review rating 4  I was lucky to find a reservation here on a Friday! The restaurant has an exclusive collection of spirits and soju based cocktails! Their braised pork belly is one of the best I have had!Also the calamari tempura was good! A highly recommended spot!

    thumb RITI BAHLANI

    review rating 5  A welcomed entry into the dining scene for alums from Per Se. Everything from the interior decor, ambience, service, serving ware, and of course, the food speaks to the utmost attention to detail that has been considered. I came to try out the tasting menu with a voucher that was expiring that day. Unfortunately, the kitchen could not accommodate guests without reservations, but the the waitstaff gladly set me up for the following evening without hesitation. Sitting at the counter with a direct view of the kitchen, the three chefs operate like a well-oiled machine. All dishes are meticulously crafted and plated, bringing much joy to the guest's experience. A true delight!

    thumb Andy Ng

    review rating 4  The food here is really great. I can’t begin to explain how fresh and flavorful everything was, everything was amazing from start to finish. The scenery of the restaurant is very well designed, kudos to the designer. The service was good as well, the server was very friendly and attentive which made the experience all the more better. The only pitfall is that the food is so good that because of the portions you’ll have to maybe buy a shareable for yourself so prepare to fork over some dollars.

    thumb Joshua Dyer
  • review rating 5  This gem twists your usual asian comfort dishes to make them taste heavenly! For proper experience do go with chef's tasting menu. Order it at least a day in advance and you won't regret it for a second. Make sure to sit on the bar so you can see how your food is prepped for a complete experience.

    thumb Vladimir Jovanovic


  •   - Check in for a free side!
    - Quiet, intimate, spacious, elegant
    - Amazing spot near ktown for some peace and quiet
    - The decor is absolutely beautiful. Comfortable chairs, beautiful light... read more

    thumb Sherry J.

      While some dishes are definitely not worth it, the overall experience at Hortus and most of the food is pretty solid.

    My boyfriend and I came in on Sunday around... read more

    thumb Christine H.

      Great service, with even better food!! Came here for the first time in the summer, and asked my boyfriend recently where he wanted to go for his birthday, and he... read more

    thumb Katy L.

      Organized my friend's 40th bday here for a group of 17. They seated us altogether in a nice private alcove section which we loved. The food was amazing but the... read more

    thumb Jessica W.
  •   Had planned a birthday dinner for a friend here with a bunch of girlfriends and it was perfect for the occasion - menu was very sharable, food came out prompt... read more

    thumb Liz K.

      Great food. Good ambiance. excelent service. Highly  Recommended.
    Should try they pre fix menu.

    thumb Helen I.

      This place is so good!!!

    First off the restaurant is beautiful!!!! They have a bar area and also a second floor of seating which is where we got seated.

    They... read more

    thumb Shelley K.

      It was my second time back here, and I brought my mom and her friend for her birthday. Overall experience was fine, but a few points that stood out as... read more

    thumb Ron W.
  •   I had a lovely time here. The coordinator got us a table pretty quickly even though they had a full house and we did not make a reservation. I started... read more

    thumb Bomey K.

      Asian fusion done right! We decided to try Hortus on our girl's night out and ended up having an amazing dinner. Every single dish was done beautifully and tasted absolutely... read more

    thumb Laura K.

      Great food, great service, definitely a date spot, gno, i recommend  the set menu for a little but of everything

    thumb Tiff J.

      One year later, it's still amazing!

    The raw platter was good but not a must-have. The crispy sea urchin and sea urchin noodles however, are must have if you like uni.... read more

    thumb Serina W.
  •   Best dinner I've had since... too long to remember.

    We did the prix fixe for 4 and we did family style so got to try a lot of the menu. Usually... read more

    thumb Justin L.

      We travel. We like food.

    With that said, this is one of the best meals we've had in a VERY long time. I cannot understand how there is not a... read more

    thumb Kelly R.

      Hortus is the place for a date night! There are love seat tables as well as normal chairs.

    I got the tasting menu for two which was $95 for two... read more

    thumb Sandra C.

      We chanced across Hortus while walking on 5th Ave down to the Strand. We had an excellent lunch here. I had the spicy chicken lunch and my SO had the... read more

    thumb Ray D.
  •   Excellent high-end food, tasteful decor, and good service. The appetizer portion sizes were quite small so I was worried for a bit that the amount of food included in the... read more

    thumb Kevin L.

      I've visited Hortus for a birthday celebration this year and I was pleasantly surprised. First of all the interior design in this restaurant is killer. You feel like you're in... read more

    thumb Rachel F.

      Howdy pals! This past Wednesday my girlfriend and I were by Mad Park and wanted some seafood. We called for reservations in 20 minutes and they accommodated us.
    It has... read more

    thumb Steve F.

      Came to hortus last night with a party of four. I think this is a relatively new restaurant, and draws most of it's culinary inspiration from a broad number of... read more

    thumb Matt L.