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Hortus NYC is an Asian fusion restaurant in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan.
This journalist had the opportunity to dine at Hortus NYC on Saturday, February 3rd, for brunch.
Hortus NYC blends Asian flavors with a new modernized American style, and it is situated just outside of Koreatown as it is overlooking the Marble Collegiate Church. The word “Hortus” means garden in Latin.
This eatery has a garden theme to it and has been around since August of 2018. Particularly impressive is that it supports and celebrates sustainable and seasonal ingredients.
Their “Yuzu Bacon Rose Pasta” was nicely cooked Al dente style, and it includes Rigatoni, candied yuzu bacon, and tomato cream sauce.
The “Hortus Salad” is quite popular with the patrons, and rightfully so. It features deep fried calamari, which was quite crispy, as well as radicchio and edamame hummus. Their “King Crab Noodle” is made up of fettuccine, mala cream sauce, shallot, and scallions.
Side Dish
A healthy side dish option would be their Brussel Sprouts, which come with eggplant, sweet potatoes, bacon, and spicy fish sauces. These all blend well together and they are marinated all together.
Their Prime ribeye was tender, and it was served with mixed greens, sweet potato, zucchini, and miso chimichurri. The steak was well-cooked, and it comes with much-needed veggies.“Truffle Donabe” was another solid choice for a main dish. It features wild mushrooms, cured egg yolk, rice, and black truffle; moreover, it can be topped with short rib (upon request).
Seasonal cocktail
“Lychee Sour” is an ideal choice for a seasonal cocktail to accompany one’s meal, which consists of Jinro, lychee puree, and lunar seltzer.Hortus NYC has a neat, quiet ambiance with a beautiful interior and decor. It has a lot of depth to it with upstairs seating, downstairs seating, and a back area upstairs. A noteworthy part of the eatery is a greenhouse-esque section, which is surrounded by glass, where one can see the skyscrapers and New York City skyline.
The Verdict
Overall, Hortus NYC is a pleasant eatery, where people can experience Asian flavors in a refreshing and unique American style. The dishes are top-notch, and for the most part, it is reasonably priced for Manhattan. It juxtaposes the cuisines of multiple countries such as Korea, China, and Thailand, and it manages to create distinct, refresh, and memorable meals. The flavors were well-blended, and the ingredients were generous. The presentation of each meal is neat, artistic, and creative. It has a wide variety of dishes with sleek seating. The wait staff was professional and attentive. On each visit, there is always something new to try due to its elaborate menu of offerings. Hortus NYC garners 4.5 out of 5 stars. Well done. To learn more about Hortus NYC, check out its official website, and follow the restaurant on Instagram.
Markos Papadatos