(serve with pickles)

Pork ramyon – 14

sliced pork belly, yu choy, bean sprout, scallion

Mushroom ramyon – 13

miso, assorted mushroom, yu choy, bean sprout, scallion

Mala gnocchi (*spicy) – 18

shrimp, calamari, mussel, tofu skin, cilantro, garlic chip


(serve with, soup, tempura, and pickles)

Pork – 17

sliced pork belly, shitake, bok choy, sunny side egg

Sea urchin – 21

avocado, cucumber, cured yolk, ikura, puffed quinoa

Salmon – 18

cured salmon, ikura, onion salad

Sashimi – 27

assorted sashimi
(salmon, tuna, white tuna, sea urchin, ikura, shrimp, octopus)

Futomaki – 16

(Shrimp Tempura, Salmon, Tuna, Wasabi, and assorted vegetables)

Jungsik – Lunch set

(serve with, rice, soup, tempura, and pickles)

Hanger steak – 22

grilled hanger steak, grilled shishito, ssam veg

Spicy chicken – 20

grilled chicken thigh, grilled shishito, ssam veg

Sashimi – 30

assorted sashimi
(salmon, tuna, white tuna, sea urchin, ikura, shrimp, octopus)

Grilled fish – 21

Hokke mackerel

Pork katsu – 22

pork chop cutlets, grilled tomato, cabbage salad


Grilled onigiri – 3

dried anchovy

Cucumber salad – 4

wood ear, cilantro, garlic chips


Monaca icecream – 3

Lunch Beverage

Draft Beer by the glass

Orion – 4
IPA – 5

Sake by the glass (9 oz)

Tokubetsu Junmai, Shirakabe gura – 5
Junmai ginjo, Kikusui – 7

Wine by the glass

White Sauvignon Blanc, Arona – 9
Rose Grenache, Hentley Farm – 9
Pinot Noir, Simple Life – 10

Water and soda

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite – 3
Sparkling San Pellegrino – 3.5
Still Acqua Panna – 3.5

Not all ingredients are listed on the menu, including nuts. Please inform your server if you have any allergies.