Dinner Prix Fixe
2 for 95

Choice of One

4 Pieces Oysters or Raw Selection

Choice of Two ‘To Start’

Choice of One ‘To Share’

Choice of Two Sides

Choice of Two Dessert

Wine Pairing $35 / person Three Glasses



Chef selected from east coast | Served with gochujang & plum mignonette
1/2 dozen – 16 / 1 dozen – 30

Kumamoto Oyster

4.5 each

Scallop Ceviche – 10

Orange, red onion, cilantro

Shrimp Cocktail – 10

Jalapeño, cucumber, avocado

King Crab – 10

Crème fraîche, asian pear, dill

Raw Platter – 54

1 dozen oysters, scallop ceviche, king crab, shrimp cocktail

Salmon Crudo – 10

Cucumber, avocado, ikura

Our Seafood is sustainably farmed & carefully selected

Cheese & Charcuterie

Choice of 4 for 18, Each additional 5


Served with yuja marmalade & sourdough bread

Quadrello di Bufala

Creamy, sweet, and robustly pungent soft cheese from Italy

Campo de Montalban

Semi-firm cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk from Spain

Delice De Bourgogne

Creamy and soft cow’s milk cheese from France

Persille De Rambouillet

Smooth, creamy goat’s milk blue cheese from France


Served with house-made pickles


Pressed and smoked prosciutto from Italy

Bresaola Larchmont

Grass fed & dry cured beef from New York

Salumi Artisan Finocchiona

Black pepper and fennel seed from Washington

Pistachio Pâté

Pork with black pepper from New York

Not all ingredients are listed on the menu, including nuts. Please inform your server if you have any allergies.

To Start

Ssamjang Hummus – 12

Roasted chickpeas, seasonal vegetables

Crispy Sea Urchin – 17

Japanese sea urchin, seaweed rice paper, lardo

Grilled Steak Salad – 16

Hanger steak, rice crunch, culantro

Wagyu Tartare – 15

Baby octopus, asian pear, rice chips

Shrimp Toast – 14

Milk bread, sesame seed, tobanjan sauce

Yuzu Tare Angel Wing – 13

Pork, crowndaisy, glass noodle

Calamari Tempura – 15

Korean shiso, tofu, spicy mayo

Charcoal Grilled Eggplant – 15

Pork, mozzarella, pinenut bread crumb

Sea Urchin Avocado – 18

Japanese sea urchin, ikura, tare sauce

Steamed Rice Roll – 13

Shrimp, chive, xo sauce

Bone Marrow Mussels – 15

Bean sprouts, szechuan pepper oil

Asian Aglio e olio – 13

Bok choy, bean sprout, black vinegar

Truffle Noodle – 20

Oyster mushrooms thai bird chili
Prix Fixe – extra 5

Mala Crab – 22

Fresh soft shell crab, cilantro, garlic chips
Prix Fixe – extra 7

To Share

Chicken – 30

Grilled spiced chicken, cabbage & shishito pepper

Pork – 30

Braised pork belly, shiitake, bok choy

Beef – 42

Grilled ribeye, lettuce, oyster mushrooms, galbi sauce
Prix Fixe – extra 5

Fish – 36

Steamed striped bass, napa cabbage, tobanjan sauce

Seafood – 28

Steamed cod, scallop, mussels & shrimp, thai basil, kaffir lime

Truffle Donabe – 35

Golden enoki, royal trumpet, oyster mushrooms, egg yolk
add hanger steak 7 | add wagyu 12

Hortus T-Bone Steak – 80

Wasabi béarnaise sauce with spicy green bean
– Limited order per day. –
Prix Fixe – extra 35


Steam Bun – 5

Scallion, dried pork

Multigrain Rice – 4

Black & brown rice

Grilled Onigiri – 5

Dried anchovy (2 Pieces)

Fried Potato – 6

Potato with rosemary

Kimchi – 4

House-made & seasonal

Pickle – 6

House-made & seasonal

Shishito Peppers – 6

Sea salt, lemon, parmigiano

Yu Choy – 6

Garlic, oyster sauce, fried shallot

Cucumber Salad – 6

Woodear mushroom, chili oil, cilantro


Mango Rice Pudding – 7

Fresh mango, condensed milk, black lime

Monaka Ice Cream – 7

With chocolate mochi choice of vanilla, matcha or black sesame

Thai Tea Crème Brûlée – 7

Fresh assorted berries

Not all ingredients are listed on the menu, including nuts. Please inform your server if you have any allergies.